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Dual exposure also yielded a significant uptick in likeability and interest in the creative with users expressing interest to purchase.
Likeability is what helps an organisation decide you're a good "cultural fit," no matter what your qualifications are when applying for a job, Bhargava tells Economic Times.
The shift is attributable in large part to an increase in videoconfer-encing--where likeability is more important but also more difficult to put across than in person--and to social networking, which employers track to measure how users spread information and influence change.
This makes sense, since children are around their peers all day and behaviours like aggressiveness and likeability are extremely relevant in the school environment," she said.
Harnessing likeability is about uncovering what is authentically likable--in you, in the other person, in your connection.
As brand entities, candidates need to enhance their representation, work towards perceived likeability in the public eye and, of course, those blessed with natural charisma will always have an advantage," said Mr Mehrinfar.
The statements comprised three scales: a likeability scale, a positive character trait scale, and a negative character behavior scale.
Daniel believes the Fron Choir have likeability and honesty, which has endeared them to music lovers across the nation.
Drawing on research on the psychology of political persuasion, the author discusses such topics as the authenticity of leaders, detection and defense against propaganda, resisting leader likeability, political techniques of manipulating facts and figures, and the relationship between opinion polls and facts.
Francis Lawrence's film starts strongly, drawing on Smith's natural charisma and likeability to hold us spellbound as his scientist wrestles with a horrifying predicament.
And she'll probably make a success of it thanks to her natural charm and likeability.