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Likeability means being approachable and not just the show-stealer.
This makes sense, since children are around their peers all day and behaviours like aggressiveness and likeability are extremely relevant in the school environment," she said.
Harnessing likeability is about uncovering what is authentically likable--in you, in the other person, in your connection.
Keywords: Advertising, Communication, Likeability, Consumers, Effectiveness.
He says, however, that the rawness of the political competitiveness in the region and in absence of a thorough understanding of the issues, candidates must at least ensure some degree of likeability.
The items in the likeability scale were: Susan/ John is--a likeable person, a person with a good sense of humor, an honest person.
Louis Walsh keeps going on about likeability and that's what they have.
Drawing on research on the psychology of political persuasion, the author discusses such topics as the authenticity of leaders, detection and defense against propaganda, resisting leader likeability, political techniques of manipulating facts and figures, and the relationship between opinion polls and facts.
Butler is perfectly cast as the writer, managing to portray the bitterness of the character but still maintaining a certain likeability despite his constant cynicism.
Mornings are so much more about personality and likeability than any other part of the day," Heverling said.
Synopsis: Republicans give an advantage to Rudy Giuliani over John McCain on a wide array of personality and issue dimensions, including his perceived leadership skills, likeability, and ability to handle domestic issues.
But it works thanks to Braff's likeability and a sharp and witty script from Paul Haggis, who penned Crash and Million Dollar Baby.