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Likeable Media made the cut as the result of 4 consecutive years of triple digit revenue growth.
But more women than men - 25 to 18 percent - regarded her as the most likeable PM.
But enviable and likeable as she may appear from the outside, she is in turmoil--an extraordinarily complex woman who yearns to be as simple as what she perceives around herself, even as she finds that simplicity boring, revolting, and hypocritical.
Fortunately, the likeable Holly keeps the story interesting and Alexa, who initially seems one-dimensional, becomes a more compelling character.
Keeble's interpretive reading is perfect: as the voice of Cledwyn Bott he is a likeable and entirely credible working-class naif; as the other characters, he can switch accents and perspectives effortlessly and be equally convincing.
Steamy adult situations, themes of racism, mostly likeable characters (including the Jitty, the ghost of Sarah Booth's great-great-grandmother's fashion-minded nanny, who offers advice on everything) and an interesting story add up to a very good listening experience.
Quinn and his two associates are real, honest, likeable yet flawed people.
A unique setting and likeable characters will keep readers interested even when big sections of dialog from the movie slow the story down.
Each tale is typical DragonLance fare, bringing together fast-paced, addictive stories with likeable characters, while the essays and interviews provide insight into the creation of this beloved world.
A likeable gay fortysomething - and lacking confidence after a break-up - he doesn't like his "gay" voice and worries it may turn off prospective boyfriends.
para]]Pairing will pave the way for Likeable Local to serve more SMBs and allow WSI clients to have a tool to drive social media success.
com), announced today Likeable Local's Dave Kerpen as the keynote speaker, and Likeable Local's Nicole Kroese as a featured speaker.