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Flowever, we have a likemindedness in terms of our preferences in entertainment, comedy, and even dining that I think is different to mainstream audiences.
53) One dimension of this argument focuses on the limited prospects for likemindedness forming within the G-20, as a precondition for lasting outcomes.
From their correspondence, quoted by Zahniser and Fry, we catch glimpses of the trust between the two women and their likemindedness, but mostly we learn about Burns's work in the Congressional Union office, and her comings and goings.
That popular Western culture is today spreading around the world creates a commonality of sorts, but it is a fragile, very questionable likemindedness.
There was a synergy and likemindedness between all the parties involved," Katz said, adding that Deerwood has worked both with Citigroup and Redwood in the past.
Now, there is an essential likemindedness between Socrates' and Callicles' task: both are trying to examine what a man is supposed to be like, to what he should devote himself and to what extent, whether in mature age or in youth (487e8-488al).
Harmony, unity, likemindedness, accord, however you define it, it expresses the determination of any fight against adversity.
Also striking is the degree to which friendship and the pleasures of likemindedness are serious and meticulously rendered subjects in Hay's fiction.
What is difficult either to deny or to quantify is that, especially at the more prestigious colleges and universities, the social climate fosters a strong presumption of liberal likemindedness and a marginalization of dissent.
But if TAP is to blame, I hope it will think again about what likemindedness is.
6) Kalasiris' modus operandi in these scenes is familiar and only to be expected, particularly of an Egyptian, (7) although we should note that Charikleia is not taken in by Kalasiris in the exorcism scene, which appears to establish a likemindedness between them.