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In addition, Likens implemented testing and comprehensive mid-term projects.
Their children are Shawnaly Kuanduch of Junction City, Gretchen Berger of Sherwood and Greg Likens of LaPine.
Kuhlmey likens the system to rotating the tires on a car to increase their lifespan.
Dante Rochetti likens the Calabasas smoking ban to the Gestapo.
ADD and Me: Forty Years In A Fog is the personal memoir of a man with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), which he likens to living in a fog.
He likens himself to the Pied Piper and is both genuinely interested in Erin's talent and sensitive to her need to be liked.
To their surprise, the researchers detected a glimmer that Evans likens to "a big, red, bloodshot eye.
Recognizing the metaphoric implications of the perpetrator's activities, the detective bent on cracking "the typewriter's" case likens her use of the mechanical writing tool to that of a machine gun (unsurprising, perhaps, given that companies such as Remington produced both machines designed for speed, precision, and repetition).
We project that if the current trends continue, nitric acid will become the dominant acid in eastern North America by about 2012," Likens says.
He likens smears of Christians in the media to a kind of martyrdom for one's beliefs.
One CEO likens this provision of Sarbanes-Oxley to the ring of the dinner bell for the trial lawyers.