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After a sustained movement study, using a swing series or a rhythmic exercise to wake up the body and the mind * Never treating an exercise as though it is just for strengthening or limbering a body part.
Considering how the first two wins played out, why wouldn't KB24 have given strong consideration to just sitting out the first 82 and limbering up for the playoffs?
Two sisters are limbering up their vocal cords instead of their muscles for the race.
The project will also look at the scientific evidence on the benefits of limbering up and whether certain types of exercise work better than others.
COVENTRY wrestlers are limbering up to show off their grappling skills after their first shows sold out.
Big-hearted workers are limbering up ready to Run for Home during a radio station's fund-raising fun day on Sunday.
SEASONED runners will be limbering up for a longdistance challenge which kicks off from Birmingham city centre tomorrow.
The girls were limbering up for their act as the countdown began to the spectacular opening ceremony for the Beijing Olympics on Friday.
VOLUNTEERS from St John Ambulance are limbering up to provide first aid at the Great North Run.
Staff from HBS in Middlesbrough are limbering up for Sunday's event.
Pauline is limbering up for the Hydro Active Women's Challenge which she will run in aid of the Alzheimer's Society She was moved to raise money for the charity after being touched by the soap's storyline about Alzheimer's sufferer Mike Baldwin.