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Empowered by his newfound limberness, Ouzo bolted towards the race track at 60 miles per hour, tearing the sulky to pieces in the process.
David held a sling that way, how this man holds his skin, nonchalant, and a bit cagey, too, to brace himself, display the line and size of it, the cape's ease, the holding simply part of a day slapping by, part of a dazzling limberness, what was his listing to what is, shoulder and flank and our full, full girth, to our avail--
Now if this operation is relatively easy, ordinarily, and hardly requires the limberness of a grasshopper, things are entirely different when you have a scruchjetta, because every time you bend down toward the ground, no matter how minutely, no matter how gradually, to undo your shoelaces, you're hit with an often searing pain.