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Gradually, the open land and its living populations were distributed among the communities, but finally all those externalities which were measurable and limitable were appropriated and divided.
Lusky has clearly been annoyed these many years at what he sees as Hughes's meddling with an elegant and limitable system based only on the need for judicial protection of the political process and minority rights.
The new generation of molecular marking systems are accurate, non limitable and provide final forensic evidence in the field.
140) The United States Supreme Court describes the police power as "one of the most essential of powers, at times the most insistent, and always one of the least limitable of the powers of government.
makes one sit up and take notice"); Halliburton, supra note 14, at 215 ("[T]he President's otherwise plenary authority is limitable only if independence in the position is constitutionally desirable, and only if the limitation does not prohibit removal altogether, but instead retains some version of a 'good cause' provision.