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The corridor project involves upgrading the existing two-lane, unlimited access roadway segment to a four-lane, limited access highway.
To recreate the 1950s boom in affordable suburban housing, we would need to invent a new system of transportation, which, like the combination of the 8-cylinder automobile and the limited access highway, would rapidly expand the supply of land that is economically feasible to develop.
Credit concerns center on the authority's escalating debt service profile and near-term debt needs that could be as much as $100 million associated with construction of connecting roads, which would ultimately connect the northern area of the Mid-Bay Bridge to State Road 85 via a four-lane limited access highway.
5 miles of Limited Access Highway from the SR 0030 (Exton Bypass) to the Valley Creek Bridge.
The region relies primarily on the bonding capacity of the Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority to meet its limited access highway needs.