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Restricted in duration, extent, or scope; confined.

Limited liability is the rule that the owners or shareholders of a corporation cannot usually be sued as individuals for corporate actions unless they are involved in Fraud or criminal conduct.

Limited is also a designation following the name of a corporation that indicates its corporate and limited liability status; it is abbreviated Ltd. It is found most commonly after British and Canadian corporate names, although it is sometimes used in the United States.


adjective angustus, bounded, brevis, checked, circumscribed, circumscriptive, confined, constricted, controlled, cramped, curbed, definite, fixed, hampered, impeded, insular, narrow, parvus, prescribed, restrained, restricted, stinted
Associated concepts: limited agency, limited by law, limited guaranty, limited jurisdiction, limited partnership, limited waiver of immunity, limited warranty
See also: arrested, brief, certain, conditional, dependent, imperfect, infrequent, local, minimal, narrow, parochial, part, partial, petty, private, privy, provisional, qualified, scarce, slight, specific, strict, temporary
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Significance is absent for ROE measures and limitedly observed for liquidity measures.
Under the common law approach, good faith is limitedly applied
In the available monitoring reports of the SBSP Agriculture in Rwanda, gender issues are limitedly included.
Given the high incidence of deals between countries sharing the same language--particularly, but not limitedly to, the transactions involving US bidders and UK target--we found it opportune to control for Same language.
Iran will start exporting gas to Iraq limitedly with 3 or 4 million cubic metres per day," Araqi says.
Dromedaries move between Al-Hasa and Buraidah and, more limitedly, between Al-Hasa and United Arab Emirates.
In addition to acknowledging Julia Kristeva as the one who coined the term, Orr also claims that injustice has been done to Kristeva's theory when it is just limitedly seen as a re-discussion of Bakhtin's work, rather, as I intended to imply by the using the term processing, as using Bakhtin's work as the basis for her own theory on intertextuality, developing it further than it had been done before (Orr 20-32).
While in the initial expectation questionnaire they had rated the four skills as equally important, in the second administration they only rated reading skill as highly addressed the other three skills were rated mostly as only limitedly addressed.
Diffusion of innovation in segmented market is a research area explored very limitedly in the literature.
PSM research seems only limitedly grounded in the resource-based view of the firm, resource dependence theory, or stakeholder theory.
This text is the 2013 edition and is useful throughout this year and more limitedly with other distributions.
Namely, although Croatia maintained reserves at a level to enable room for orientation at domestic objectives, still this feature has been limitedly used.