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Cosmopolitan communications, argues Mihelj (2011), can be extended limitlessly only when people stick to national public spheres and nation-state legislation, suggesting the existence of a positive relationship between national identity and global identity.
Interestingly, during a private conversation with this writer, a senior functionary of India's security establishment had once offered a valid explanation for India's security officials pampering Hindu extremists limitlessly.
Min in the opener, the perhaps limitlessly brilliant Douvan in the Racing Post Arkle and Vroum Vroum Mag in the OLBG Mares' Hurdle form the backbone of Mullins' Tuesday charge.
VoddlerNet enables companies in the OTT space to provide the best possible video viewing experience; scale their service limitlessly with exceptional performance; and offload up to 98% of their CDN streaming, increasing their profitability and reducing their operating costs.
Emmanuel Levinas's most fundamental argument is that all of my experience is ethical because it most fundamentally involves encounters with others--to whom I am beholden and limitlessly subordinate, to whom I show concern and care in an asymmetrical relation of giftgiving, the alterity of whom 1 cannot absorb into myself--which displaces metaphysics as the foundation for philosophy and instead establishes ethics in that foundational role.
Serving up hefty human insight in place of third-act gimmickry, and reuniting the director with "Take Shelter" star Michael Shannon, Nichols' impressively restrained yet limitlessly cimaginative fourth feature takes its energy from an ensemble of characters who hold fast to their convictions, even though their beliefs remain shrouded in mystery for much of the journey.
Crowder, supra note 61, at 10 ("Of course, liberalism cannot be limitlessly hospitable to diversity, since many cultures are mutually hostile, and some are explicitly antiliberal.
This only means that the Palestinians will be locked up in the so called "negotiations" over the creation of their state, while Israel will limitlessly finance its own colonists to colonise Palestinian Territories.
Standing over the installation, the reflected collages seem to extend limitlessly onward.
Piketty makes the assumption of miraculous factor substitution (managers can easily and limitlessly substitute capital for labor) because, through some fuzzy math, he can more easily project an "inevitable" displacement of labor by capital--and thus push his theme of a growing "dominance" of the latter.
The ability to spend limitlessly, as long as the balance is paid off, was an attractive feature to Mexican consumers belonging to this group, although the benefits associated with these cards were also a draw.