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Jos Limn was a pioneering figure in modern dance who was born in Mexico but settled in New York, where he set up his dance company in 1946.
Furniture merchants carrying the rugs include See Furniture and Cymann International in New York, Repertoire in Boston, Limn and Agnes Bourne in San Francisco, Voltage in Cincinnati and OLC in Philadelphia.
Puerto Limn was once the town of the United Fruit Company (the predecessor of Chiquita Brands International) and the province has two national parks.
Pages 78-79: Don leather armchair and ottoman from Limn (www.
The individual profiles, simply and clearly written, limn portraits of the era as much as the executives.
Furthermore, the planned development of the Caribbean Limn province looks set to bring more tourists to this less developed Costa Rican province.
Despite efforts by centrist intellectuals and some journalists to limn his candidacy as a liberal-versus-center battle, issue by issue, it doesn't add up.
and limn the need for companies to proactively manage workforce expectations.
Half-timbered walls, steep gables, and overflowing planters illustrate the inventiveness of Northern California design in the early 20th century You'll see this drawing and nearly 100 others illustrating the Bay Area's architectural history--including work by such luminaries as Julia Morgan and Thomas Church--in a dazzling exhibition at Limn Gallery in San Francisco.
He pursues not only internal biblical evidence but also Near Eastern history and anthropology in general, sometimes in search of facts, sometimes just to limn the plausible.
Thursday, October 7th at the Limn Gallery in San Francisco.
Industry analysts limn the competitive landscape and project where the industry is headed.