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But as he did so, he paused and looked straight at me with limpid brown eyes.
That, alone, encapsulates much about the architect--the extraordinarily energetic work-ethic of a man who has insisted, during all of that time, on operating almost always as a sole-practitioner, taking full responsibility for every job and every detail--a man at his drawing-board in the corner of an untidy suburban Sydney semi-detached house (Fromonot writes, 'It comes as a surprise to discover that his limpid architecture is designed in such a shambles'); and it draws attention to the fact that despite his international reputation and innumerable overtures from prospective overseas clients, Murcutt refuses to work outside his homeland, where his architecture originates in, and exists in resonance with, the physical, climatic, and cultural context.
And in Poland, I once saw this on a menu: "Salad, a firm own make; Limpid red beet soup with cheesy dumplings in the form of a finger; Roasted duck let loose; Beef rashers beaten up in the country people's fashion.
Like Lewis, Father Neuhaus presents his thoughts on the end of life in warm, limpid prose.
Until the early 1990s, only Geraldo Pinheiro, a fourth-generation cattleman who owns the Sao Geraldo ranch in Bonito, and his family and close friends were privy to the piscine pleasures of the limpid Sucuri River, which meanders through his land.
His recent CD Tribute to Paul Desmond was well reviewed and despite the adoption of the same instrumentation as Desmond's post-Brubeck groups, reviewers have been impressed by the originality of Ramsden's approach, which never seeks to imitate that famous pure limpid Desmond sound.
The landscapes by upper New York State artist Sarah McCoubrey may at first draw one in with their exquisite detail and limpid light, but it is not long before one is gripped with disquiet.
In his limpid overview of French writings on the Renaissance in 1994-95 (Renaissance Quarterly 49 [1996]: 114-23), Zachary Sayre Schiffman notes that the year's work adheres to Jacob Burckhardt's idea that the birth of the individual brought about a view of the world "being full of unique entities.
On my knees, I stare into the limpid water beneath the dock of a deep bay on Lake Superior, into the eyes of small fry that hang around the dock and decorate my hair.
what ancient majestic sculptor chiseled the antique fragility of your sable face was it your limpid seagreen eyes
His own style was a fusion of his experiments with what he termed " the floating period " and a modern adaptation of the limpid sensuality of the Provencal poets.