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The land had been cleared of wood for a reasonable distance around the work, but every other part of the scene lay in the green livery of nature, except where the limpid water mellowed the view, or the bold rocks thrust their black and naked heads above the undulating outline of the mountain ranges.
The limpid quality of the spirit matches the ostentatious clarity of the conscience of its drinkers.
In photographs released by EUNAVFOR MED on Twitter, migrants could be seen waving their arms for help as they balance perilously on the deck of the boat, already underwater but clearly visible in the limpid aquamarine sea.
Finally, there is Modiano's limpid and elliptical style, blending vagueness and precision, realism and dreaminess, and there are numerous questions that find no answer.
is not just a limpid sump but a kind of destination, too.
The near-capacity audience listened in awed silence as Lill gave a commanding performance of the limpid Adagio sostenuto second movement.
15-24, the Mariinsky Ballet will head to The Kennedy Center in DC with Fokine's limpid Le Spectre de la Rose (1911), made famous by Nijinsky's ambiguously gendered rose; and The Swan, created by Fokine in 1907 for Nijinsky's sometime partner Anna Pavlova.
To create the illusion of limpid eyelids use NARS Matte eye shadow in Biarritz, a bone-coloured neutral, then stick close to the lash line and apply a very thin line of YSL Noir Liquid Eyeliner.
The music's surface, though, was limpid, gentle and expressive - which didn't prevent Osborne finding parallels with Prokofiev and Stravinsky in the scherzo and finale of Medtner's supposedly conservative Sonata, or leaving Rachmaninov's final statement of Corelli's theme hanging in quietly devastating solitude.
the limpid surface plop back to water's shadows and slow tides
Young she may be in terms of singers, but Lehner already has a maturity of voice that takes her from limpid lyricism to dynamic, intense highs all with the clearest of diction and engaging characterisation.
But in high summer, the city sparkles like nowhere else, its glowing Georgian terraces, its castle and its extinct volcanoes seeming to dance together in the limpid air.