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Common forms include antalgic (painful), Trendelenburg (associated with weakness), and limps associated with a short limb, spasticity and/or stiffness, or poor balance.
1 Biker pulls up at club with bomb; 2 He spills petrol and lights it; 3 Biker turns into human fireball; 4 He jumps to put out the flames; 5 Getaway bike will not start; 6 He limps off pushing the bike
Jinxed: Darcheville can't hide his despair as he limps off; Starting with a bang: Darche salutes the fans after his early goal
I've seen two cases of leukaemia present in this way and I now routinely do blood tests on all unexplained limps in youngsters.
The collection ends on the verse "La prise de la certitude," but what the reader comes away with is only an elusive hold on a world that limps toward its "Chute" (the title of her last poem) as toward an originary "Ur," stripped, like Hamlet, of a stable formal or figurative identity too long taken for granted.
Healthy young children sometimes complain of pain with walking, limps or even refuse to walk because of leg pain.