line of business

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Previously, he also held the position of President, Business Banking for the Retail Banking Group where he started the national integrated line of business serving the financial needs of small business owners.
Bruce is an ideal candidate to head this major line of business for our corporation, having spent more than 17 years in corporate banking," said O'Brien in making the announcement.
In a two-step process, the employer designates its lines of business by first identifying all of the services and property it provides to customers during the testing year and then determining what portion of the property and services is provided by each line of business.
The December 1991 final regulations contained a special optional rule applicable to employees who have temporarily transferred from one line of business to another.
Property insurance was once again the only line of business that increased in the fourth quarter by 6.
The employer is considered to operate in more than one line of business if the employer offers for sale to customers property in more than one two-digit code classification referred to in the ESIC Manual.
The proposed qualified separate line of business (QSLOB) regulations are one of a series of regulatory projects interpreting the employee benefit provisions of the Tax Reform Act of 1986.
The final regulations generally retain the objective tests from the proposed regulations for determining whether a line of business is operated separately.
Data and analysis on individual competitors performance ratios in 2005 by line of business
The solution is suitable for single line of business, multi-line of business, or enterprise level requirements.