line of demarcation

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We learn player salaries, and their preferences in everything from pizza to toothpaste from our eager media, but in terms of injuries, important to both fans and bettors, the prime ticket-buyers, we have a line of demarcation at the waist, and no meaningful information.
Chopra sees the line of demarcation between the nutraceuticals industry and the pharmaceuticals industry getting less distinct as drug companies edge their way into nutraceutical territory.
Although not stated explicitly, the implication is that the line of demarcation is Jesus' ascension; what is already written is about all that happened before Jesus was taken up into heaven; what is written now is about the things Jesus did after he was taken into heaven.
Now that Carol Shea-Porter has joined fellow Congressman Paul Hodes in endorsing Barack Obama, there's a line of demarcation between the old-line and new-line Democrats, and it's Hillary Clinton.
What about the line of demarcation between which matters are for the board and which are for management?
The line of demarcation between the work that a paralegal or a law clerk may do and those functions that can only be performed by an attorney is not always clear and distinct.
Is there some celibacy line of demarcation that divides the unmarried Western clergy from the marriageable Eastern clergy?
By making Frank Stella, Robert Rauschenberg, Mark Rothko, and Ad Reinhardt the sole artists represented, the narrative of a purely New York phenomenon is promulgated, drawing a line of demarcation between these painters and the European modernists who tested the dark palette in the early twentieth century.
There existed a fine line of demarcation between those boys who perceived a bigger body as an older body and those that perceived larger bodies as alternative bodies of like age.
The Bush administration, through its faith-based approach, deliberately sought to blur this line of demarcation.
Bonesteel found a National Geographic map of Korea and in half an hour decided on the 38th parallel as the line of demarcation.
The categorization for this series peaks at Class 3, which can be used as a small-craft barrier, and the Class 5 Tuffboom is only to be used as a line of demarcation.