line of descent

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The case was previously dismissed by judges but in 2004 an appeal court overturned that verdict and proved a direct line of descent from Victor to Pierre Hugo.
It is a singularly wonderful line of descent to be able to follow as SCNA reaches its 100th year.
Make your own way down the final stretch of the ridge and you'll hit a clear path that runs roughly at right-angles to your line of descent.
Among the thousands of documents submitted as part of the New York Life claims process are many intended to show line of descent from an insured individual.
Mourinho comes from Portugal and considers himself to be in the line of descent from the "navigators" who discovered much of the world in the middle ages.
The neoconservative assertion of a line of descent from Reagan's foreign policy," they write, "is far-fetched.
The federal law permits any marriage except between persons related through a line of descent whether by blood or adoption, as brother and sister by whole or half blood.
Locke indeed takes pains to show the impossibility of tracing any particular line of descent from Adam.
The Lincoln Centre Jazz Orchestra is in a direct line of descent from the Jazz Messengers.
Allen Gift's line of descent was via Coalbrook Tiger, winner of Thurles's 550 yards Tipperary Cup in record time, but whose career was terminated by a broken hock, sustained in the 1991 Irish Derby final.
In the direct line of descent is Nicholas Grimshaw & Partners' Waterloo terminal, London, its sinuous roof glazed like the scales of a lizard's back, and Eva Jiricna's glass Orangery in Prague.