line of work

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I am also a partner of the Liverpool Biennial of Arts and a trustee of the Liverpool Film Academy through my line of work, for a guy from Norris Green.
Right now," Stanley explains, "discussion of a reliable face-recognition package is science fiction, which is not our line of work.
In any case, you wonder how far this line of work has to go before it seems played out.
If an aspiring writer or entrepreneur is unsuccessful, we trust that they will eventually be persuaded to find a line of work for which they are better suited.
I quickly realized in my heart of hearts that I didn't want to do that line of work.
But now, the Seminole say, there is a shortage of young people in the tribe who want to go into that line of work.
Nonetheless, the dot-coms are putting increasing pressure on forwarders to either reinvent themselves or think about another line of work.
The conventional wisdom was that big-time football coaching was too corrosive to the physiology, cardiology, and all the other ologies, and that aging coaches would do well to look for a more relaxed line of work or retire to their hobbies.
General session speaker Carl Hammerschlag, a psychiatrist, counseled admins to remember what led them to this line of work in the first place: heart, soul, and spirit.
Stapleton first considered recycling as a line of work after he found himself unable to dispose of concrete slabs while on a construction job in nearby Westchester County, New York.
Q If you weren't in this line of work, what else would you be doing?