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The analysis of this structure shows the prevalence of NW-SE lineaments with subordinate NS and E-W lineaments while NE-SW lineaments existed as minor features (Fig.
A lineament is a feature in a landscape expressing an underlying geological structure like a fault.
r]) ex Charnockite/ granite/Quartzite 1 3 Anorthosite/Chamockite with 3 9 lineament/granite with lineament/Quartzite with lineament Anorthosite with lineament/FHBG 5 15 Migmatite gneiss 4 12 Migmatitc gneiss with lineament 6 18 FHBG with lineament 7 21 Weight (Aw) 3 Soil media (S) Topography / slope (T) Soil type Rating Ind Range (%) Rating Ind (Dr) ex (Tr) ex Entisol 6 12 0-2 10 10 Inceptisol 5 10 2-6 8 8 Alfisol 3 6 6-10 5 5 Vertisol 2 4 10-18 2 2 Forest 1 2 >18 1 1 Unsurvey Weight (Sw) 2 Weight (Tw) 1 Impact of vado sc zone (I) Hydraulic conductivity (C) Lithology Rating Ind Range Rating Ind (Ir) ex (m/d) (Cr) ex Charnockite/ 1 5 0.
In the current study, considering the groundwater potential relating factors, lithology, lineament density, topology, slope, and river density, decision tree algorithms, C5.
1994, 2002) noted how lineament analysis in the New England area of the Appalachians is used extensively in groundwater investigations to locate high-yield water wells in fractured bedrock.
Comprehensive analyses based on stream profiles, lineament density, stream density, drainage patterns, topographic relief, Landsat imagery and published geological maps revealed a relationship between geomorphometric indices and tectonics.
Figure 2 shows both areas elongated with NE-SW trending mainly located at: (a) the central subzone are in coincidence with the Tajuna River and lineaments interpreted (NE-trending).
This lineament is considered a regionally significant structure.
This corroborates the fault and lineament orientations and the general inclination of the study area to the NNE-NE.
First the edge or lineament is amplified; next, the presence, or absence, of the event looked for is classified, on the basis of a previously selected threshold value.
The principle method of the Geosat Technology is the superimposing of structural lineament analysis, analysis of thermal infrared images and spectral analysis and incorporation of geological, litho logical and if available also geophysical data.
Key words: Azonality, deferral, etching, lineage, lineament, referral, reinforcement, underprinting, unequal activity.