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A 2008 meta-analysis that pooled results from nine studies supported that hypothesis; the authors revealed a strong association between impaired linear growth and five or more episodes of diarrhea within the first two years of life.
By the end of third grade, the students with ED remained at a level of high risk in their oral reading fluency development, despite linear growth that was comparable to the general education students (5.
The packages are being taken from the buffer in a circular way and this can be seen on a simulation graph as an almost horizontal line of package delay, alongside linear growth.
The onset and duration of pubertal linear growth: In a further analysis (13) we examined the onset of puberty and the pubertal linear growth component using the Infancy-Childhood-Puberty (ICP) model of Karlberg (14).
Behrens III, reexamined the exponential growth in the demands placed upon the earth and the linear growth in the earth's capacity to absorb it, looking at 5 variables: (1) world population (2) industrialization (3) pollution (4) food production and (5) resource depletion.
In the hotel business, while the supply comes in chunks or steps, the demand comes in linear growth.
Final test diameter, linear growth rates (LGR) and specific growth rates were significantly greater for the sea urchins red the kelp diet compared with sea urchins red either of the mussel diets and given no additional feed.
Two models were specified to answer the research hypotheses: Model 1 examined the longitudinal effects of parental involvement on five distinct parenting behaviors, using a linear growth model; and Model 2 analyzed the longitudinal association of parental behaviors with children's Bayley MDI scores, using a quadratic growth model.
Furthermore, we have demonstrated increased linear growth in Thalassemia-major patients when they were supplemented with daily Zn sulphate, in a controlled manner, indicating the fact that Zn was responsible from short stature in these patients [3] ILGF-1 (initially named as somatomedin-C) levels were also measured in some of the thalassemia major patients and found to be low (4) It was an established fact that zinc plays an important role in the synthesis of ILGF-1 in liver [4,5].
Observations of men with inherited mutations of these genes, considerably extended our knowledge about stimulatory role of E2 in men in the formation of bone stroma, inhibition of their linear growth, lipids metabolism and sexual maturation, the effects that were attributed to testosterone action until today.
To understand the crystallization behavior, POM was used to compare the crystal morphology of PLA and PLA/water bamboo husk composites and to determine linear growth rate G of the spherulites.

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