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17 cu cm H/100 g Al, after which the percent porosity increases linearly with the H content (the threshold H content).
The move means that large tasks that formerly required lengthy processing now can be distributed among several CPUs in a computer, or among several computers, resulting in significant time savings that scales virtually linearly with the number of processors.
NOx emissions increased linearly with increasing the nitrogen input to the boiler (i.
According to the Big Bang, the temperature of the microwave background increases linearly with redshift, a measure of the distance to faraway objects.
The modifier reportedly also increases nylon's flex modulus as much as 20%, and HDT increases almost linearly with increasing modifier addition.
The HybriCore chipset is the world's first linearly scalable packet switching chipset.
Instead, they observed that a few carbon atoms will link up linearly and that 10 carbons form monocyclic rings, 20 or more carbons form bicyclic rings, and 30 or more carbons form tricyclic rings.
He continued, "Costs go up linearly in terms of engineering time and overhead in order to get that depth and granularity in a functional SERDES test.
In one case, the laser light causes no change in an ions state and the scattered light remains linearly polarized.
Ambric processing 'brics' may be added as geometries shrink, linearly increasing performance with each generation.
Burning eyes proved the best indicator of irritation, and its incidence rose linearly with increasing low-formaldehyde concentrations, Liu's team reports in the just released August ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH PERSPECTIVES.

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