lines of demarcation

See: confines
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As vice-chairman football he has been working closely with manager Alex McLeish on player recruitment and the pair have built up a good rapport and understanding, with apparent clear lines of demarcation.
Ghosts is concerned with boundaries--what separates life from a dream, art from commerce, one year from the next, Argentina from Chile, a human from a ghost, an incomplete building from its surroundings--and as Aira plucks away at the lines of demarcation this playful cautionary tale comes to feel at times very real, and at others like a cosmicomic.
There tend to be clear lines of demarcation between where car users and non-car users are able to go, but cyclists operate between those lines.
This article deals with a subject possessing definite lines of demarcation, strong favoritism and intense opinion: Networked Storage.
The act of reading encourages her to establish clear lines of demarcation that mark her personal space apart from the obligations to the world at large, including the domestic sphere: "What she wanted to dream, and dreamed, was her own affair" (193).
Once the lines of demarcation were drawn between followers of Moses and Jesus in the latter part of the first century, you had to choose one side or the other.
Right now, they're looking at where the lines of demarcation are,''' Carson economic development manager Ron Winkler said.
As with many fields of business, retailing used to be a very diverse industry, with distinct lines of demarcation between types of companies.
The legal and logical lines of demarcation are blurrier in the Oakridge case.
The picture of a monolithic institution that created clear lines of demarcation is no longer tenable, given the holistic approach to the study of Catholicism that is represented by these works.
Because epidemiologic research always involves population and most studies involve measurements at a variety of levels, these divisions are arbitrary and there are no strict lines of demarcation separating the different levels of study (7).