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So he kissed her and she put one red-sleeved arm lingeringly on his shoulder.
Other literary authors--Keats, Dickens, and Edward Burne-Jones--meditated upon the "Sleeping Beauty" subject in much the same way as Tennyson: lingeringly, fretfully, over many versions begun, laid to rest, taken up again.
Thus when Tennyson re-invokes a wondering world in the final stanza of the poem, right before the injunction to honor and the designation of nobility attempt to bring to a halt the gallop of the verses and fix their significance, the meaning of "wonder" comes across as lingeringly ambiguous--not just indicating awe, but also suggesting a perplexed and questioning stance.
Despite her then avowed atheism, Stein had from the start even more in common with the "Angelic Doctor" than Husserl or Heidegger because, instead of relegating God as they did to the wholly other, transcendent sphere--to "otherwise than being," as contemporary, break-through theologians like Karl Barth would also do--she refused such lingeringly binary habits of thinking in their work.
20]), then kneeling with Spencer and Baldock, stroking their faces, and finally kissing both lingeringly on the mouth.
Trespass, physical violation, seems to lurk lingeringly behind popular notions of 'real' crime today.
Together the two books make a vital, original, and lingeringly discomfiting contribution to transnational United States history.
To those who have known Juana the longest, to one who has just bathed her lingeringly .
Mayhew (acted with gruff dignity by Edwin McDonough), Webb preens lingeringly over Vole's good looks in a not-so-subtle attempt to gain his attention until Sir Wilfred gives her an admonishing look.
There will be clues in the way that you play with your hair, touch their arm or gaze lingeringly into their eyes.
This is not hard with a keep-fit regime of 20 slow press-ups done lingeringly, as many straight-leg lifts as your stomach can manage, 20 toe-touchings then a very hot shower followed by a five minute cold one.
Their lingeringly satisfying, savory quality (also found in steak, soy sauce, and parmesan cheese) has actually been defined as umami, the so-called fifth taste, along with salty, sweet, bitter, and sour.