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In addition to correcting the patient's underlying hypothyroidism and its associated morbidity, this treatment reduces any physiologic enlargement of the lingual thyroid tissue that might have occurred as a result.
Distribution and types of these lingual papillae are related to species eating habits [4].
Lingual braces are available in the Capital under a brand name -- Incognito.
Service's rapid manufacturing process, from treatment planning to shipment of the lingual appliance, takes only 10 to 15 days.
NYSE:PRX) to market its nitroglycerin lingual spray in the U.
The two additional drugs scheduled for human testing this year are lingual spray versions of Zofran(R) (ondansetron), marketed in the US by GlaxoSmithKline, and Ambien(R) (zolpidem) marketed in the US by Sanofi.
Hana receives exclusive rights to market, sell and distribute NovaDel's ondansetron lingual spray in the United States and Canada.
3M also announced today that 3M Unitek, doing business as TOP-Service fuer Lingulatechnik GmbH, is commencing infringement proceedings in France under European Patent 1474064 against RMO Europe and Lingual Jet.
3M is alleging infringement against Riton's e-Brace[TM] lingual bracket system and requesting that the court stop Riton from infringing 3M's patent and award damages.
On histopathology, we were surprised to learn that the specimen contained ulcerated squamous epithelium with underlying infiltrating thyroid papillary tumor cells within the lingual thyroid.
A pilot PK study of lingual spray alprazolam (Xanax(R)) is currently underway.