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Scanning electron microscopy results showed the sloughing of the epithelium in the dorsal surface of the tongue, which was more intense in the apex of the lingual papillae, due to the direct friction with the food.
SEM studies on the connective tissue cores of the lingual papillae of the Northern goshawk (Accipiter gentilis).
The present study showed that the type and the distribution of lingual papillae probably due to diet habit.
Characteristics of dorsal lingual papillae of Zavot cattle.
Functional and angioarchitectural structure and classification of lingual papillae on the postero-dorsal surface of the beagle dog tongue.
The lamina propria of the mucous membrane formed protrusions, constituting the connective tissue core of the developing lingual papillae.
The study focused on the development and morphology of primordial of some of the lingual papillae.
Scanning electron microscopy study of the lingual papillae in the European mole (Talpa europea, L.
The scanning electron microscopic study of lingual papillae in the silver fox (Vulpes vulpes fulva, Desmarest, 1820).
Lingual papillae were not find in the anterior and medium regions.
Near to the larynges aditus numerous projections like lingual papillae were note& This area were also lined with stratified epithelium.