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Elzinga said that linkage analysis was just one of many advanced data and insight offerings the company will be announcing in the upcoming months.
Another interpretation suggested by the group is that the physical linkage of emotion may work to compensate a possibly faltering social bond while competing in a gaming setting.
The Emirates ID pointed out that the strategy of electronic linkage with UAE government entities 2012-2015 would contribute to streamlining government services, easing transactions and procedures, reducing costs, minimizing paper consumption and providing ID management services to the UAE federal and local government organizations through engineering a range of flexible services that can be developed and harmonized.
In 2009, an evaluation of the Linkages database showed that it was not being utilized because staff had to manually enter the majority of data.
In the absence of existing evidence for the effectiveness and quality of data linkage between the ANZICS APD and other data sources, we aimed to assess the quality of linking the ANZICS APD to a financial claims database using an IDILM.
Under the regulation, IMPI must publish and update the Linkage Gazette every six months, listing those patents in force that cover allopathic medicines and containing the following information for each patent:
In this study, our goal was to construct preliminary genetic linkage maps for C.
For each project, the CHeReL provides project-specific linkage keys back to the relevant data custodians.
The second is to use the linkage constructs to differentiate the affiliates by their patterns of linkage formation.
472-8(b) provide a linkage concept for natural business unit pools, this concept is not mentioned elsewhere in the LIFO regulations.
The linkage concept has been recognized as playing a crucial role and providing substantial contributions towards guiding the appropriate strategies for future economic development.
The linkage is the main contributor to a "stiff" diecasting machine (high spring rate), and this is essential for maintaining distributed force on a die.