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Linking verbs connect the subject of a sentence to some additional information and include is, are, was, and were.
In the first example, the adjective good correctly modifies the noun movie, although it follows the linking verb was.
Linking verbs, which are also called copulas or copulative verbs, are a special form of intransitive verb.
Good may follow a linking verb, but it should not modify a verb.
There is not used when the linking verb is followed by an adjective:
In syntax, its linguistic cues are sentences whose subjects and predicative nominatives are joined by linking verbs.
They appreciate Hart's friendly, avuncular tone and have absorbed many of his feature-writing tenets, such as to avoid linking verbs and passive construction.
The least difficult use of the target verbs was their use as copulas or linking verbs.
Some of the grammatical features of the genre include generic participants, clauses with linking verbs (e.

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