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For nearly four years, the Links Members have used the theme, "Bridges to the Future: Conversations for Change" as the framework for discussion.
At its I/ITSEC booth, Link has multiple training entities - including a UH-60 flight simulator - networked together to undertake a mission as a combined force to safely extract a SEAL forward observer team from a potentially hostile urban setting.
The Composite Links test survived both administrative and accidental loss of member links with less than 50 ms of interruption per event, which is considered "hitless" as they do not noticeably impact even the most demanding applications such as Voice over IP.
Since 1989, Global Links has channeled medical materials worth more than $110 million to more than 70 countries around the world, with a concentration in the Caribbean and Latin America.
With an expanded infrastructure, Global Links will have the potential to process more items from additional local sources and ship them, when and where they are most needed.
For these orders, DRS will provide newly designed Data Link Processors, Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS)-based AN/USQ-125 and AN/USQ-130 Link 11 Data Terminal Sets, Common Shipboard Data Terminal Sets (CSDTS), Link 22 Adjunct Processors and signal processor controllers, and other HF data communications equipment.
APS will automatically route traffic on a backup link, reducing service disruptions.
Alacra Links is the solution they have been looking for.
PaperPort Link Agents extend the benefits of PaperPort to the entire organization, allowing information workers to automatically on-ramp paper onto their desktop using any multifunction or digital copier/scanning device on the network, combine the scanned documents with existing digital documents on their PC, and then process the complete document set into document capture, enterprise content management or workflow systems - all with drag & drop ease.
Other key elements of Ericsson's expanded microwave portfolio include: MINI-LINK High Capacity, which boosts link capacity to 155Mbit/s; MINI-LINK E with a new modulation technique that doubles spectrum utilization; MINI-LINK BAS, point-to-multipoint microwave system optimized for mobile applications; and MINI-LINK Manager, which provides centralized management of all Ericsson microwave solutions.
The solution provides granular traffic control for any IP network gateway, allowing users to define how traffic is distributed across their links in a way that meets their business priorities.
This certification enables the company to process transactions on 425 Euronet ATMs and potentially on any of the other 33,000 ATMs connected to LINK in the UK.