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She said: "There are thousands of women who have been sexually abused whose hearts will sink at the thought of man like this being lionised.
PREMIERE Jimmy Cliff is among the Jamaican reggae legends paying tribute to the great Bob Marley (above), a man lionised in life and deified in death.
In China, state media lionised missing pilot Wang Wei as a martyr for national defence and navy chiefs formally declared him a 'revolutionary hero'.
Actions speak louder than words, Mr Prime Minister, and your cuts betray the very people you lionised.
Lionised in Brazil and a tiger with Portugal, Big Phil's proved a pussycat with Chelsea.
UNION leaders will be lionised today by right wingers who, for the other 364 days of the year, denounce them as dinosaurs.
It's hard to believe that players lionised at European level can be demonised internationally.
IAN BELL found himself being lionised by TWO Prime Ministers after looking at England's Ashes triumph through cricket's dreaded pair of spectacles.
If he were a Yank, Frost would be lionised like Johnny Carson or Walter Cronkite.