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Ladbrokes: 10-1 Pasternak, 14 Rudimental, 16 Democrat, Gulf Shaadi, Lionize, Solar Storm, 20 Consort, Farmost, Strazo, 25-1 others.
Tote: 12-1 Farmost, Gulf Shaadi, Pasternak, 14 Lionize, Rudimental, 16Right Wing, Solar Storm, 20 others.
The Tote bet: 6-1 Right Wing & Solar Storm, 7-1 Rock Falcon, 12-1 Gulf Shaadi, 14-1 Consort, Lionize & Nomore Mr Niceguy, 16-1 bar.
King of Rags lionizes Joplin as a crusader for racial justice fifty years before his time; yet the public eschewed his political music, as did a generation of musicians who questioned songs that extolled life in rags.
Not too much sentiment, though: This is a show that lionizes losers and louts, after all.
Richard La Gravanese's and Ted Demme's A Decade under the Influence lionizes the great American filmmakers of the 1970s.
The American Forestry Association's Big Tree Program lionizes more than just champion trees, The person who nominates a champion tree makes the list as well.
Chavez lionizes the "martyred" Che Guevara and was interviewed in 2004 by Che's daughter, a Communist propagandist and physician who lives in Cuba.
For those living in a town that lionizes larger-than-life figures, Castro isn't just a star.
After all, if a dirt-poor, blind child from rural Georgia can grow up to be one of the shaping forces of 20th-century music, why bet against the biopic that lionizes him?