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The Peronist leader was lionized internationally for beating back hyperinflation and ushering in historic growth, but Menem also contributed to the economic rot that caused this year's collapse.
Such disjunction, while rare in the works of contemporary African American poets - or at least those most often anthologized and lionized by the literary establishment - seems on one level to enact quite seriously the "death of the author" theorized by European poststructuralism.
But I do find it amazing that this man - who made headlines just a few months ago in Cairo by cynically becoming new best friends with Islamic militants so they could, together, thwart efforts to stem overpopulation - is now lionized as "a moral compass for believers and nonbelievers alike.
Small wonder that Boccaccio was lionized by the comediographers of the Renaissance, who made great strides in the endorsing of self-determination, passionate involvement, and the worth of all human beings.
The Spanish group lionized him from the moment he arrived and gave three parties to celebrate his 99th birthday.
As Israel closes in on its first World Cup match in 36 years, Arab midfielder Abbas Suan finds himself lionized - and demonized - as the country's hope for harmony between Arabs and Jews.
It hurts profoundly, for we know that the freed terrorists will be lionized by Palestinian leaders, and, if past is prologue, some of the released prisoners likely will plot and commit terror again.
Rodriguez (1769-1854) is lionized in today's revolutionary Venezuela as the teacher of Simon Bolivar (1783-1830), says Briggs (Spanish and Latin American cultures, Barnard College), but forgotten in Latin American studies, particularly in the US, where his writings, still untranslated, are hard to find.
Throughout the movie he is lionized for bringing unrestricted abortion to Canada, but somehow there's no discussion of what abortion is, how it's done, what it does to the baby or what it does to the mother.
A few units wore flamboyant uniforms and were led by charismatic officers who lionized the troops under their command.
which have been lionized in recent years for their ability to revolutionize the industry model and price their services at a point that captures tremendous market share.
In the early years of the last century, the emphasis on communal collaboration and cooperation between peoples found in his poetry and prose was overwhelmingly taken as a message in the abstract when he was lionized in the West.