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READING. The act of making known the contents of a writing or of a printed document.
     2. In order to enable a party to a contract or a devisor to know what a paper contains it must be read, either by the party himself or by some other person to him. When a person signs or executes a paper, it will be presumed that it has been read to him, but this presumption may be rebutted.
     3. In the case of a blind testator, if it can be proved that the will was not read to him, it cannot be sustained. 3 Wash. C C. R. 580. Vide 2 Bouv. Inst. n. 2012.

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Not only do the Polycom systems help bridge geographical distances, bringing this mentoring opportunity to students and teachers all over the United States, the ViewStation's exceptional video quality enables signing and lip reading for those students who are deaf or hard-of-hearing.
Moallem is of the opinion that such handheld devices may make it easier for deaf people to follow conversations than with lip reading alone, which requires a great deal of concentration.
Hearing loss is an invisible disease,'' said Jeannine Bass, 34, who teaches lip reading and sign language for the Los Angeles Unified School District division of Adults With Disabilities.
Although those classified as profoundly deaf cannot aurally comprehend speech even with the most powerful hearing aids, educators teach lip reading and students use hearing devices to amplify any residual hearing.
This limited amount of information makes it difficult to identify many spoken words and everyday sounds without additional aids such as context or lip reading.
The college already runs very popular classes in sign language, as well as lip reading classes for people who are losing their hearing.
Lip reading might be an avenue I could go down - because I didn't abuse or swear at the ref.
Initially headed for a dead-end job in fingerprinting, her lip reading skills come to the attention of an F.
Please write for course details to: The Lip Reading Teachers' Course, Manchester Metropolitan University, Elizabeth Gaskell Campus, Hathersage Road, Manchester, M13 0JA.
Manchester University is on the lookout for North East people to train as lip reading teachers.
At a minimum, the cochlear implant allows people who aren't helped by a hearing aid to be aware of environmental sounds such as smoke alarms and ambulance sirens and to improve their lip reading and word and sentence recognition.
After American Idol Season 13 declared this year's winners at the season finale, it aired the parody video created by YouTube's @Bad Lip Reading which showcased the contestants' singing performances and the judges' commentaries.