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LIRA. The name of a foreign coin. In all computations at the custom house, the lira of Sardinia shall be estimated at eighteen cents and six mills. Act of March 22, 1846. The lira of the Lombardo-Venetian Kingdom, and the lira of Tuscany, at sixteen cents. Act of March 22, 1846.

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receiving a Mtoto filly out of Listed winner Annie Girl, by Danehill, for whom Chantilly Bloodstock paid 68 million lire (pounds 21,760).
The Group's cash flow from operations in the first six months of 2000 was Lire 118.
While the currency traded at around 3,000 lire to the pound last year, 1 [pounds sterling] will now only buy 2,720 -- 2,740 lire at present.
The most significant figures at May 31, 1995 are: consolidated revenues of 31,831 billion lire, a rise of 27% with respect to the same period of 1994 when compared with the same consolidation area.
Luxottica noted that at the end of the 1994 fiscal year, the Italian subsidiaries have reclassified Lire 6,419 million of customer premiums from selling expenses to net sales according to Group accounting policy.
5,000,000 stock appreciation rights (SARs), with a minimum value of 35 billion lire.
Earnings per ADS for the nine month period ended September 30, 1994 were Lire 2,021 versus Lire 1,540 in the comparable, 1993 period.
Accordingly, the Gilardini capital increase should amount to between 185 billion lire and 197 billion lire; the total capital following the increase will be between 427 billion lire and 440 billion lire.
Consolidated revenues for the first six months of 1994 topped 31,300 billion lire, for a 15.
Earnings per ADS (American Depositary Share) for the first quarter of 1994 were Lire 682 versus Lire 540 for the first quarter of 1993.