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LIS. A suit; an action; a controversy in court; a dispute.

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Documenting all corrective action: The LIS documents quality control failures and corrected reports so the documentation is readily available for inspections.
The adoption rate of LIS is low in various countries across the globe, primarily due to the high costs incurred in implementation, maintenance, and up-gradation services; poor in-house IT skilled resources and complexity of system; and inadequate IT infrastructure.
Another LIS trend to look for, probably not in 2015 but not too far in the future, is the ability to handle the advances being made in testing methodologies in the molecular and genetic testing arena.
The 10 LIS schools accredited by CILIP (CILIP) have been selected from UK are:
On the other hand, studies focused on LIS enrollment have used health survey data sets, which are helpful in identifying individual characteristics but suffer from underreporting of income and generally lack asset data (Goldman and Smith 2001; Davern et al.
For any LIS researcher, this volume contains a wealth of information not only in the description of each method and its use in LIS studies but also in the numerous citations to seminal works on each research method.
Most larvae collected in the Stratford Shoals area arose from egg-bearing female lobsters collected in the Hudson Canyon area (2002) and central LIS (2001).
Therefore, emphasizing the availability of extensive, detailed income measures, especially those of tax and transfer income, the LIS staff have chosen data sets from each country that are, by their nature, comparable.
While the lifecycle of most LIS modules ranges between 8 to 10 years, the LIS module provided by TietoEnator - thanks to its strategic technological upgrades - lasts for 12 to 15 years.
With both systems fully integrated, all data entered into the LIS lead management system is instantly and securely updated in Auto/Mate's DMS, while any changes made in the DMS are immediately updated in the LIS software.
Another area of increased efficiencies in the cytology-specific LIS is regulatory compliance.