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We look into it as if we could actually find, on the intricate surfaces of Kuraoka's lissome forms, the submolecular structures that make up the works at their most elemental level.
The robust sonorities from the orchestra under his bravura direction were exactly what Lucia needed--a brazenly Italianatc aural bedrock over which Donizetti's lissome bel canto melodies soared freely.
Tossing his head and gyrating against a line-up of lissome dancers, the old fox was plainly having the time of his life.
In my youth, I liked the idea of Valhalla, with its unlimited dinner of pork and endless mead served by lissome Valkyries.
LISSOME Sonam Kapoor is grateful to have a tall co-star in Akshay Kumar.
She uses her lissome figure convincingly to remind us that Salome is a child - by turns gauche, inquisitive, petulant and coquettish.
Lithe and lissome dogs often put up a splendid show.
Diay, as she is fondly called by her compatriots, was a lissome athlete and a champion sprinter in the middle 80s.
Spitler, a lissome redhead, was sitting alone in the festival's cafe when a tall, butch, and handsome stranger walked in--so fixed on Spitler that she plowed into a table and knocked it over.
Instead, Bond's lissome lover this time is fresh faced Agent Fields (Gemma Arterton), an MI6 agent who is tasked with sending Bond home.
Actively commendable: Roberts hopes "the great man did indeed find some happiness with his lissome secretary.
Philadelphia's Zane Booker--elegant, lissome dancer/choreographer--is tackling the beast head-on.