list of goods

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When she wrote out a list of goods and clothing for herself, to be sent down to Sydney by the first steamer, Sheldon wondered how long she had made up her mind to stay.
The ONS updates its 650-strong list of goods and services used to measure inflation once a year to include more up-to-date items.
So much money is being spent on champagne - once the preserve of the rich and famous - in the UK for consumption at home, that it has been included on the official list of goods used to measure inflation at the expense of more down-market sparkling wine.
The United States has added 8 more commodities to the list of goods provided with the generalized system of preference (GSP) facility for Indonesia, the trade ministry said.
Expererienced marketing consultant James Stephenson presents 202 Things You Can Buy And Sell For Big Profits, which is much more than a list of goods that anyone can buy and sell.
The UN Security Council agrees to an expansion of a list of goods requiring approval before export to Iraq under its oil-for-aid programme.
John, the family fashion business that's famous for knit suits, has added housewares to its growing list of goods.
The EC has formally sent a list of goods it might target with sanctions to the World Trade Organization, a move that is necessary if the Commission is to have the option to impose the sanctions.
the list of goods for which we pay over the odds gets longer.
The RMA has persuaded the International Trade Commission (ITC) and trade negotiators to include nine imported accelerators used in rubber manufacturing in the list of goods which may be imported duty-free into the U.
stated, "We are pleased to add the quality products offered by Muller AI to the growing list of goods and services available to our alliance members.
lot : food included in the list of goods produced and delivered by specialized enterprises and cooperatives of people with disabilities.

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