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Collins seemed to sink into insignificance; to the young ladies he certainly was nothing; but he had still at intervals a kind listener in Mrs.
Every syllable that he uttered was devoured with eager curiosity by the enamoured girl--he knew that she was a listener, and that she understood his disguise; and doubtless meant, in that indirect manner, to acquaint her with the incidents of his life.
Fanny, being always a very courteous listener, and often the only listener at hand, came in for the complaints and the distresses of most of them.
Thereupon her whistling became so disjointed that the listener, if such there were, must have discovered her suspicion of his presence.
Strickland was not a conversationalist, and he had no gift for putting what he had to say in the striking phrase that the listener remembers.
The jaws of the listener at the ventilator clicked together with a vicious snap.
For years an inmate of the palace, and often a listener in the armory when the King played at sword with his friends and favorites, De Vac had heard much which passed between Henry III and his intimates that could well be turned to the King's harm by a shrewd and resourceful enemy.
In me he found an appreciative listener, who, by virtue of book-reading, knew much about the sea-life he had lived.
You will find him an interested listener and no fool.
His most usual and natural listener was his brother.
You will find me," he said, "an excellent listener.
The listener started, guiltily, too; for she thought there was another listener among the trees.