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Parents are sure to find great value in knowing about this entertaining multi-installment literary series and its approach to dealing with the problem of teen illiteracy and listlessness.
Falling into a state of depression or listlessness generally has a negative impact on motivational attitudes.
Assess the seriousness by checking for listlessness, sleeping a lot, not feeding, runny stools, and vomiting.
Her cat, too, displayed the same symptoms of listlessness, being unsteady on his feet and a thirst.
In their early years, Ceremony was just one (if excellent) example of countless young hardcore punk bands trying to express malaise and listlessness in raging music.
If something starts off as a cough or cold, then progresses so the child or person seems very much more ill with a very high fever, listlessness, exceptional tiredness and so on, it's perfectly reasonable to go to the doctor.
Damon turns up the volume on his earpieces, sinks into his listlessness, and falls asleep on the lounge.
Takeshi Murata's recent show at Ratio 3 arrested the pixelated frenzy of the artist's earlier breakthrough video work, trading in visual pyrotechnics for glossy listlessness in a series of nine vibrant, if seemingly banal, still lifes.
Common symptoms of burnout include tiredness, weakness, listlessness, cravings, low blood pressure and light-headedness when standing up.
With their pale skins, listlessness and aversion to the great outdoors, our kids are already halfway towards getting Transylvanian citizenship.
It blights the lives of sufferers, sparking feelings of guilt, remitting mania, general listlessness and an attraction to comfortable slippers.