literal interpretation

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The Salafi mentality is not the only movement that relies on the literal interpretation of religion.
Literal interpretation of the Qur'an would never help resurrect the Islamic civilization; on the contrary, it would destroy whatever civilization we have left.
Basically, a mark in the 130s usually results in a stopping weight, which is interesting here as that literal interpretation takes everything down to Tominator out of calculations.
Many Americans follow a literal interpretation of the Second Amendment, which enshrines the "right to bear arms" in the US Constitution.
A literal interpretation of the question yields a simple answer: Stryker, K-King, Sapphire and Adonis.
Although some sources translate Anopheles as "harmful," it would be decades before Ronald Ross showed in 1897 that these mosquitoes transmit malaria parasites, and Meigen was most likely using Anopheles in a more literal interpretation as "useless.
These ancient Indo-European epics of imagination are not intended for literal interpretation .
BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: A number of north Iraq's Ninewa legislatures have announced on Wednesday that the Federalism project is "a literal interpretation of former U.
Among matters the work satirizes are flat-earth cosmology, literal interpretation of the scriptures, censorship of heathen fables, human gullibility, Alexander the Great's courage, and Homer's account of the death of Achilles.
He introduces three basic considerations in dealing with an apparent point of conflict between the Bible and science: Does the infallibility of Scripture rest on a literal interpretation of the passage?
Christine Butler, Peter Jeffree and Shirley Roach from Casino Hospital brought a literal interpretation to the Abba song 'Waterloo'.