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Scientists, writes Randy Olson in Don't Be Such a Scientist, are too cerebral and literal-minded.
First off, I'd be very literal-minded and check the brakes on my car.
But it is fatally limiting to interpret Sugimoto's images in this literal-minded way.
Well, to each his own and lighthouses are marvelous edifices and all that, but at least Williams, by getting out there and showing, is doing her part to get the more literal-minded to begin thinking of art as more than mere wall decor.
But it turns out that The Dark Page is not very interested in any detailed consideration of its subject other than the most literal-minded one.
The more literal-minded could be forgiven for thinking root and branch reform is about giving a tree a good pruning.
First, he notes that their literal-minded idea of the resurrection is false (20:34-36).
This was largely devoted to the story-telling aspect of British art, and also to its literal-minded liking for factual observation--evident in the utterly unsqualid Pre-Raphaelites.
There is no reason why believers - other than the most clunkingly literal-minded of fundamentalists - should feel threatened by the fact of evolution.
I've heard a lot of neoconservatives and other literal-minded car huggers (``O'Goebbels'' on Fox News) compare this Iraq conflict to World War II, using outrageous analogies or even outright labeling it ``World War III.
Mel Gibson didn't face censure for making a film about the life of Jesus Christ which reflected his strict, literal-minded Catholic view of the world.