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Although literalist approaches to Qur'an and Hadith are routinely condemned as promoting violence, the opposite might be more accurate: Indeed, literalist Wahhabi scholars are prohibiting suicide bombing, since suicide is not permitted in scripture.
Far from being textual literalists, their illiberalism tends toward the vague, populist variety.
The first schismatic hermeneutic debate preserved in Islamic historiography is the literalist Khariji claim, mentioned in the beginning of this review, that the Quran speaks for itself.
It was Minimalism's reference to the human body and other external points, rather than the interiorized self-reference of modernist painting, that Fried opposed: "The presence of literalist art," he wrote, "is basically a theatrical effect or quality--a kind of stage presence.
On the other hand, the literalist claim needs to be modified as well since only the tactile sense-organ takes on the relevant qualities.
There is no wit, no intelligence and nothing other than a desire to whip others into a frenzy, which on the Internet, is about as difficult as falling down (in the real world, Mr Literalist.
The music is looser, somewhere between literalist Ramones punk and blowzy 1970s arena rock, as if the band, finally untethered from the stresses of narrative, is enjoying itself.
Mainline biblical scholars who employ historical-critical tools rightly imagine a divide between themselves and their more literalist, even fundamentalist, colleagues in the so-called "evangelical" circles of academia.
You will note, he is not a literalist or fundamentalist.
It should have been no surprise, then, when last month Tony Perkins, president of the rabid right-wing, so-called Family Research Council - whom some might call a Biblical literalist - asserted on CNN's "Belief Blog" that Jesus was a free market capitalist who would condemn the Occupy movement.
These include groups such as the Salafists-offshoots of the literalist Wahhabi ideology of Saudi Arabia-and jihadists, competing to establish a Taliban-like state in Egypt, once the military hands authority over to "civilians.
Accordingly, for the literalist, obedience to the biblical text--the word of God--is the highest human good.