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Joe and Joanna literalize and manipulate this invented rape myth to garner individual and cultural might within a deeply troubled relationship that results directly from an invented American myth.
Eggers's imperiled immobility when confronted by familial "antiques" literalizes the anxiety of psychic stasis.
The off-rhyme of "I liked it" and the "taste of her cherry ChapStick" literalizes such forbidden fruit.
Todd Gray's series of photographs of himself smeared in shaving cream literalizes Frantz Fanon's "white mask" in a era where black skin is yet another niche market, while Virginia Nimarkoh's Nubian Queen (1999) drawings appropriate the skills of sidewalk artists both to celebrate and challenge the often invoked desire for authentic representation.
First, he literalizes the high costs that individuals pay in terms of their human rights in a neo-liberal regime and, second, he represents culture jamming and other forms of anti-corporate activism, reminding his readers that these practices can become part of the repertoire of resistance to such regimes.
Johnson literalizes the aesthetics of symphonic sublimation to show that the pleasure that the symphony promises to deliver centers on the presentation of an alluring but impossible trajectory.
Her vision, born of a trauma she cannot speak, is typically Shelleyan: it demands the materialization of experience (just as her revenge against her father literalizes this vision's darker subtext) at the same time that it questions the "efficacy and durability of the poetic imagination itself in the "real world" of persons who experience themselves, at least in part, in terms of their bodies and the physical actions of their bodies" (120).
When Shakespeare uses hunting imagery later in the trilogy--now to describe the changing fortunes of rival English factions -- he literalizes the metaphorical relation between sport and battle.
15 fevrier 1839 literalizes the incarceration motif of Le party, with its dank, claustrophobic Prison de Montreal setting.
This book does not psychologize religion, it literalizes its mystical core by maintaining that spiritual dimensions and experiences are real.
Its answer literalizes the book's title as a poetic exercise: "The straightest went/for ax hafts/turned on a lathe,/the trunk for sash/and door.
The exhibition is weakest when it literalizes the two connotations of the word "revolutions" implied by its title-rupture and rotation-and in the occasional overly formal juxtaposition of the contemporary with the historical, as when Maurizio Cattelan's suspended horse, Novecento (1997), joins a cluster of Rodchenko mobiles and a Calder.