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The literalized threat of an impending epidemic was conveyed in Truman's opening lines announcing that "the gravity of the situation" confronting the world involved "the national security" of the United States.
Both the new fluidity of cultural space, and the new fluidity of social classes are rhetorically literalized in the fluids, bodily and otherwise, that seem to be carrying out a concerted attack against the Bramble party.
Because, moreover, the process of introjection is itself metaphorical, transferring the void experienced to its metaphorical representation in language, incorporation is a literalized and literalizing destruction of metaphor.
Immediately after Anders, the notion of the literalized metaphor was developed in the German context by Walter Sokel in his treatises on Kafka and the figurations and thematics of expressionism.
Simultaneously the result of an indexical process (set in motion by the photos of the landscape Kilcollin used for reference and then literalized by the stuff she embedded into the objects) and mimesis, Kilcollin's panels harden the view, producing shells of space that, but for the fence upholding them, they could never contain.
Wright makes shrewd use of 2012's harder times to spur the competitors to hoped-for glory, and if the pic's implicit metaphors tend to get literalized, at least he keeps things tart instead of drenching it all in glib moral uplift.
So being a disciple of this Jesus," writes Spong, "does not require me to make literalized creedal affirmation in propositional form about the reality of the theistic God who supposedly invaded our world and who lived among us for a time in the person of Jesus.
Eventually, David finds himself living in Giovanni's room, where the cavern becomes literalized.
There is also a freak work, a huge square mirror that seemingly argues for the putative parity of perceived reality and the reflected world, "art as a mirror of nature," here literalized as a cunning conceit--or did Michelangelo Pistoletto just streak by?
Additional stimulation is provided by the vivid interpretations of Bauby's very active imagination: The titular symbols of oppression and freedom are both literalized, as is an extended hallucination of the Empress Eugenie.
This final example of Nel's gray ball is especially significant because it exemplifies Tzvetan "Todorov's notion of the supernatural as literalized trope" (McHale 137).
Not only in their size are they reminiscent of the reliefs of proximate date by John chamberlain, which, in this comparison, become the literalized spatial projections of such refined torn papers.