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When we started, the newsstand was crowded with literary magazines.
First-, second- and third-place winners will receive cash prizes, and their work will be published in the literary magazine.
Nevertheless, most established literary magazines, out of habit or disinclination, continue to live in print.
We've found that having a theme gives readers a I door into the magazine, which is important because a lot of people hear art and literary magazine and think, 'Yikes, that sounds difficult or out of my league.
Egypt, the bastion of literature and culture, the cradle of arts and civilization and the mother of the world decided to shut down an unnecessary literary magazine called "Ibda'a" (Creativity), which was published for years by the Ministry of Culture.
Summary: An Egyptian court revoked the license of a literary magazine on Tuesday on the grounds that a poem it had published more than two years ago was blasphemous, court sources said.
The work is published in the 2008 Crosscurrents literary magazine published by the WCCHA.
A BUDDING poet is celebrating after having her workpublished in a literary magazine.
They print an underground literary magazine, smash a bully's bootlegging operation, and escape from a girls' school in the night in a blimp Roger constructs, among other escapades.
But Chapman owned the prestigious literary magazine, Westminster Review, and Evans became its editor.
Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes': these linked names, like 'Cathy and Heathcliff' now resonate with a whole romantic, tragic story, but this story began just fifty years ago when a new literary magazine, the Saint Botolph's Review, was launched.