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In an exclusive interview with Daily News Egypt, Ibrahim talked about the preparations for his two first literary works, the criticism he encountered, and revealed some secrets about publishing houses.
The Ambassador appreciated the literary work being done by Dr.
The Marble Column Award is for Children and Educational Books, the Marble Gold Rhombus Award is for Research Work or Article resulting in a Literary work.
Literary work coming from the Arab world and the Gulf is very low, and literary work coming from the UAE is even lower.
We get to know the novelists' view towards women in their literary works and the quality of roles that women play in the narration, as well as the impact of these roles on the social status of women within the society presented in the story.
The researchers' approach to literary work is usually with a feminine gaze and a feminine sensitivity that mainly capture their attention in the literary works of women authors.
I preceded my purely literary work as an undergraduate by taking Anglo-Saxon and associated studies under agreat Cambridge teacher and scholar, Professor H.
Then follows an elaborated analysis of the text highlighting the father-son crisis and vice versa, considering the factors which contributed to the portraying of the father's image as a monstrous, ruthless, and brutal authority--a theme which is central and repeatedly problematized in Kafka's literary work.
A combination of verse and prose written on a scroll was found in a house in western Japan and is believed to be a literary work dating back to the early 1300s, scholars said Tuesday.
A bestseller in the 1820s, it was translated by John Fowles and is the first French literary work narrated by a black female protagonist.
It means for example that a literary work understood as a product of the