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In fact, movies that lie somewhere within the orality-literacy matrix (at least insofar as I have been able to map that matrix) may appeal spiritually to populations that reject some of the norms that contour more orally inflected hierophany and also the literately derived noetic demands that a transcendentally styled film can impose on spectators.
And so, when the eye of Bresson's camera "fastens upon metonymical details, upon microscopic quotitidian gestures or movements that normally pass unnoticed, raising their expressive potential" (McNeece 267), what the literately inflected spectator may interpret as "material indices of spiritual strife" (268), the more orally inflected spectator may read as a baffling extrication from the known.
Every conceivable angle of the conception, design, financing and construction of the Eden Project has been covered in great detail both literately and visually with the text voicing both despair when things went wrong and the joy when things went right.
In presenting a work that is both literately gripping and representational of groups' historical experiences, the authors have succeeded.
Albert Lord, in The Singer of Tales (Cambridge, MA: Harvard UP, 1960) argued against the existence of "transitional" texts, texts could be a product of a single creator who composed both orally and literately at the same moment of his career:
The boyos from the valleys literately painted the town red with their team colours everywhere.
The motivation for concerted action was substantial: South Lumberton residents could literately view drug deals from their windows, as a scourge of blight and violence infected their neighborhood and corrupted their youth.
Another illustration: Guetti implicitly strongly opposes those Derridians who have negated Voice (in the name of 'Writing'); for this unconscionably would make it almost impossible to appreciate (let alone literately criticize) those many poets (e.