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Women who gave birth in the lithotomy position had flatus incontinence at a percentage of 82.
The effects of the exaggerated lithotomy position for radical perineal prostatectomy on respiratory mechanics.
Transvaginal repair was done in extended lithotomy position while transabdominal repair was done in supine position.
Women were restricted in their movement during labour, and the lithotomy position was usually adopted for delivery.
The lithotomy position (2,4,5) causes compression and/or stretching of the nerve brought on by excessive flexion, abduction and external rotation of the hip.
Their radiological examination of pelvic diameters of women at least 37 weeks pregnant, studied the dorsal lithotomy position as well as during the McRoberts' manoeuvre (hyper flexion of the woman's legs onto her chest).
Mrs Morley claims that, after being put in the lithotomy position lying on her back, with legs raised in stirrups - the poles holding the equipment - together repeatedly slipped.
S: This stands for stirrups, a reminder to check that the patient is in the lithotomy position with her buttocks over the end of the bed, with attention paid to avoiding nerve apraxias.
Only one woman was delivered in the lithotomy position.
She thought it a good experience, in spite of the lithotomy position and the episiotomy she received because she felt this time was able to birth her baby alone.
I had no drugs, no shave, no enema, minimal time on the external fetal monitor, and use of the birthing chair (except that it was tipped so far backward as to be an effectual lithotomy position - for the doctor's convenience).