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They did well individually but as a team just came up a little short.
To demolish a building with so much potential is little short of vandalism.
Harry is a little short on cash and negotiates a deal in which the furniture store gives him a 20% discount as a cash advance instead of a 25% discount.
And this was regarded in astronomical circles as little short of a miracle, such that Gauss became famous overnight and his principle of least squares came to be one of the most important tools in further scientific discoveries.
I was a little short of that, but it was still a great year.
In 2005, Pestana expected growth at its Brazil properties to fall a little short of expectations.
The DVD is a little short with only seven songs and running for 30 minutes, which sort of insinuates that there is little Platinum about them live, although I'm sure the fans would disagree
Batra's book, which mixes historical analysis of Greenspan's career with more theoretical musings about stock market bubbles and similar topics, is often little short of a screed.
THE BOOK tells us what he did, but to my mind falls a little short in assessing the importance of it, both for its own time and for the future.
TM 11-5855-308-12&P comes up a little short on NSNs for parts needed for the AN/PEQ-2A target pointer illuminator/aiming light.
Q I AM a little short and my baby was small as well.
8 million profit which is little short of extraordinary, says the club's chairman.