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Our team's ability to deliver a story that resonated so clearly with the business press, connecting a little-known semiconductor client to such an influential audience, once again demonstrates the talent and dedication we bring to every project," said Jeff Loomis, president and CEO of Loomis Group.
My favorite in the group, though, is Carlyle Brown's The Negro of Peter the Great, a triumph of historical recreation and a little-known story of race with timeless intimations.
Quote: ``I take great pleasure in pointing out little-known facets of the music.
The issue, an introduction to New York's event resources, has a comprehensive listing of more than 1,000 hotels, restaurants, lounges and little-known spaces, plus a directory of 237 caterers.
These and many other little-known facts, along with listings of major life events, make these two small books a joy for students or history buffs.
A movement is gaining momentum across the state and in the nation against this little-known perversion that depicts the crushing of small animals under the weight of scantily clad women.
Little-Known Fact--Deep Ellum was a mecca for jazz and blues artists.
But Hill treats these subjects with an almost stunning comprehensiveness and grace, then adds information about two little-known nineteenth-century black theaters in New Orleans, another in Baltimore, and The Church Street Theatre "built in New York by colored folk.
Intended as a portrait of the man rather than a catalogue of the works, the exhibition includes little-known early photos, proofs, vintage prints, books, paintings, and drawings, and films by and about the photographer.
Nearly one year after nixing the club that instantly transformed little-known authors into household names, Winfrey announced that this time she will spotlight the classics.
LITTLE-known nooks and crannies of the Warwickshire countryside will be revealed to a wildlife group meeting in Nuneaton.
Historically, the film is certainly worthwhile as it highlights heretofore little-known events such as hungry Parisian commoners fervently seizing the reins of power to challenge the newly e lected National Assembly.