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Therese returned over and over to the theme of littleness, referring to herself as a grain of sand, an image she borrowed from [her sister] Pauline, who, in the week preceding Therese's entry into Carmel, had spoken of advantages given the small: "Always littler, lighter, in order to be lifted more easily by the breeze of love.
After this followed lengthy criticisms of one writer's view that disbelief in great men is a sign of a man's littleness and the thoughts of another historian who had also written a book juxtaposing Hitler and Churchill.
Recent scholarship has devoted considerable attention to the fact that during this time of lower middle-class expansion and suburban growth "Victorian writers faced with the disquieting irruption of a new breed of petty bourgeois shop and office workers devised a parodic discourse of littleness, whose feminized tropes rendered the clerk as socially insignificant as the sequestered Victorian woman.
Her poetry, written in a foreign tongue, is stripped to bare essentials: "He's the beautifullest, fragilest, still strong/ Dark and divine/And the littleness of his movements/Hides himself/He invents a charm that makes him invisible/Hides in the hair/Can I hide there too?
littleness tenses till lessen tilt, proud rod up (gin lameth the lingam--"Ha, melting
When Atkins, who came to California as a youth, was in the midst of the California landscape he felt, as Piazzoni did, "Conscious of my own littleness.
But I was a woman, and it did not occur to me that I could do anything till that January day, when, as I sat looking out of the window, aching with a sense of my own littleness and impotence, suddenly something thrilled through my whole being.
It had soaked in so much of doing-without, of soul-starvation, of brutish vacancy of aim, of absent dreams, envy of trifles, ambitions for littleness, smothered cries and trampled love, that it was a sanctuary of tiny and sanctioned vice.
According to Kelly, Kelly's knowledge of racing and betting is "little", prompting Gompertz to probe further into the littleness.
If such apparent lowness and littleness of spirit still seems to you to be a disqualification for the presidency, you have not yet absorbed the lessons of Clintonism.
The Smallest of All Persons Mentioned in the Records of Littleness.