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The number of larvae collected increased significantly with depth in the littoral zone ([sub.
Severe alteration of the littoral zone could explain the decrease or absence of these species.
coli) and of intestinal parasites in the reservoir water, mainly in the littoral zone with shallow water and a reduced dilution of the inflow (Table 2).
Distribution of macroinvertebrates in relation to physical and biological variables in the littoral zone of nine New Zealand lakes.
Littoral zones of reservoirs have little flow variability and homogeneous substrate, whereas streams have greater variability in habitat types (e.
However, in A littoral zone (1991) the poet seeks to find human beings' ideal position in the natural world and re-establish our connection with it.
The littoral zone is the most dynamic environment of the coast and one in which constant mobility of sediment is observed.
The western littoral zone of the reservoir, where floating and submerged vegetation dominated during the sampling period, was characterized by four ostracoda species: C.
It is very abundant in the littoral zone of Lago Peten Itza.