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It is for these reasons that studying A littoral zone from a narrative point of view may be of great value.
Lakes frequented by dippers had steeper littoral zone slopes, more caddisfly larvae, and tended to have more rocky substrate than lakes without dippers (Table 2).
Grazing effects of alien amphipods on macroalgae in the littoral zone of the Neva Estuary (eastern Gulf of Finland, Baltic Sea).
Though a full exploration of the mystical encounter with (a usually female) nature is beyond the scope of this paper, in A Littoral Zone we see this clearly in the encounter with the duiker doe in "A Visitor at Station 21", or sense Livingstone aiming for an allegorical version of this in the relationship between man and tigress in "Descent from the Tower" (RF, 300-303).
As drawdowns always do, the low water period did good things for the habitat in the form of drying out and rejuvenating sections of the vital littoral zone.
Ten einde sy plek te vind in die natuur, in Suid-Afrika en in 'n globale konteks, keer Douglas Livingstone in sy 1991-bundel A littoral zone onder andero sterk terug na die modernistiese poesie.
Mittelbach (1988) found that bluegill and pumpkinseed competed for food resources when confined by predators to littoral zone vegetation.
Often, exotic plants that invade and dominate a lake significantly alter macrophyte communities, which has great potential to alter littoral zone community structure.
There are thousands of acres of clean grasses in the littoral zone, which in turn produces exceptional winter spawns.
This agility enhances the ability of LCS-class vessels to operate close to shore, in the littoral zone.